“Thanksgiving Leftovers” Sandwich

This year I hosted Thanksgiving, with a 10.5 lb Turkey for 6. Now, the general rule of thumb is 1 lb of Turkey (before cooking) per person, which would leave us with far more than 4 uneaten pounds of meat, since my near-vegetarian sister just gobbled on mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, and stuffing two-ways. Yet, the day before, while we were at PCC Market to pick up our bird, my husband started sweating anxiety and insisted on buying another protein (“at least a lamb shank,… or a beef heart”) to supplement. I reassured him that that would not be necessary and besides, we had no extra fridge or freezer space to spare.


Pie for Breakfast

Black Friday is a serious shopping opportunity for some, and after an evening of overindulgence in food and wine, a day of recovery for many. We fall into the latter group, hungover from our feast. And then, if you’re like me at all, after vowing to never eat a morsel again for days, the stomach begins to rumble once more, and you stand in front of a refrigerator of leftovers with a dilemma: hunger vs. another plate of Thanksgiving. Or perhaps on day two you happily go for round two (I had no complaints when it came to pie for breakfast). But come day three- ugh. Just the thought of more turkey.

But once those leftovers are revamped, it’s not so bad afterall, especially if it’s packaged as a sandwich. Serve with a side of Jalapeno chips or some carrot and celery sticks and you have yourself a meal so delicious, you’ll forget that that turkey was once a Thanksgiving centerpiece, and think it was actually destined to become a casual Sunday sandwich.



Per sandwich you will need:

2 slices of your bread of choice, obviously

1-2 thick slices of leftover turkey breast

1 generous spoon of cranberry sauce

2 slices of sharp cheddar cheese

1 quarter of a Granny Smith apple, thinly sliced

1 spoon of mayonnaise or “mayonnaise”  (I use Just Mayo)

A good spoon of any leftover chopped herbs (I used a mix of chopped scallions, chives, parsley, and rosemary)


1 tsp or less of spicy mustard of choice

a few dashes of favorite hot sauce, or red pepper flakes



Lightly toast your bread slices. To make a spread, mix chopped herbs into the mayo. Add an optional teaspoon of dijon or spicy brown mustard as well.

If you’re cranberry sauce isn’t already punching some underlying heat, add a few red pepper flakes or some hot sauce to give it a kick.

Slather one bread slice with the herbed mayo, and the other with a good helping of cranberry sauce. To the cranberry sauced side, add a sheet of sliced apples. The apple adds a crunchy texture, tartness, and freshness, really brightening up the sandwich (thank you Vermont). Next, layer on the cheddar. Add your turkey, and close the deal with the other slice on top, herbed-mayo-side down. Enjoy!








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